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tv   The Early Show  CBS  April 22, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. fueling concern. as the latest cbs news/"new york times" poll finds, the president's approval rating falling, mr. obama steps in and orders a federal investigation of skyrocketing gas prices. but will it have any impact on consumers at the pump? heros. senator john mccain visits troops in libya praising their efforts to overthrow gadhafi's regime. while the u.s. steps up its role in the fighting. we'll get the latest on the bat 8s in misrata and tell you what senator mccain hopes to accomplish with his diplomatic missions. and one week to go. the royal wedding gets the queen's official okay as more details emerge about the big day, including how kate middleton will follow in
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princess diana's footsteps when it comes to her wedding vows. we'll go live to london for the royal countdown, "early" this friday morning, april 22nd, 2011. captioning funded by cbs and good morning. on this good friday morning. i'm chris wragge. >> and i'm erica hill. good to have you with us this morning. a lot of people buzzing in washington this morning about the new numbers. >> there's some numbers out there causing concern for a lot of people. not only president obama but also for people out there that are looking to just fill up the car today. >> or go out and buy groceries that you need. or perhaps even pay the mortgage, pay your rent. all of these things are impacting us. the latest cbs news/"new york times" poll interprets some of those numbers that we're talking about here. likely not being very well received at the white house this morning. that's because the president's approval rating now stands at 46%. that is down three points from january, and it may explain why he is now taking on one of the
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most important issues for the average american who are of course voters, and that is high gas prices. we're going to get the very latest on that from cbs' rebecca jarvis in just a moment. we want to begin at the white house with cbs news chief white house correspondent chip reid. sorry, you're in los angeles traveling with the president. still the chief white house correspondent. as we look at some of these numbers that dip in the approval rating, publicly i would imagine the white house is going to say, hey, we're not that concerned. privately likely a much different story. how concerned are they? >> you're exactly right, rebecca. you know, whenever we ask white house officials about poll ratings, they always say oh, the president's not focused on the polls, he's focused on the policy. but we know he's concerned about it this time. because he brought it up himself last night at one of his function raisers here in los angeles. he said he believes the reason his ratings are going down is because gas prices are going up. and that puts them in a bind because he has said repeatedly there's virtually nothing that he, as president, can do in the short-term to bring gas prices
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down. >> nothing in the short-term. but he is announcing this task force which will look in to gas prices. what could that potentially translate to for american consumers? >> well, it's hard to say what it would do in terms of gas prices. it's going to be a multiagency task force. at least four departments, four agencies, all looking for manipulation by speculators or traders in the oil market. but there's a healthy degree of skepticism about this, because it's the kind of thing presidents have done many times in the past to try to assuage voter anger, and neither the president, nor the attorney general, stated any specific evidence of illegal activity. erica? >> has there been any talk about possibly going to strategic oil reserves? >> well, we have asked the president about that on multiple occasions. and every time he says they're studying it but, rising gas prices is not enough to make it happen. there's got to be a major disruption in supply. and apparently they don't believe at this point that that has happened. so the strategic petroleum reserve, for now is not on the table. >> all right chip reid,
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traveling with the president in los angeles. chip, thanks. we do want to check in now with cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis, who is at a gas station on the new jersey turnpike this morning. rebecca, as we go back to this task force we were just talking about with chip, it's going to look at the role of speculators. how much influence could that have on prices? >> well, right now, in the near-term, like chip said the influence on prices is probably going to be a limited one. speculators, it's widely considered that they do play a role in these markets, but the question has accidentally been, how much of a role? and no one has been able to sort of quantify that. and like chip mentioned, the president, as well as other federal bodies have looked at this previously, and no one has been able to pinpoint that manipulation in the market. it's a very difficult thing to do. so making a very significant change to prices in the near-term or even potentially over the long-term is a very hard thing for regulators to do. >> what about prices though this morning? what are you seeing where you
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are? >> well here in new jersey we're very close to new york city here in new jersey they're actually $3.73 a gallon. or i should say $3.72 a gallon. but what we're looking at potentially in the summer driving season is prices even higher, because historically speaking prices hit their peak around the memorial day weekend, and this year we're up about 70 cents a gallon already on the year. if you go back to 2008 where prices were at their peak $4.11 a gallon for the year at their very peak, in 2008 we're actually still $1.13 away from that. they were up $1.13 that year. >> but they are still rising. you saw them jump just 11 cents this morning alone in the time that you've been there. how is all of this impacting the american family and how they're dealing with their personal pocketbooks, and the economy? >> well, when you look at the cbs news poll 80% of people think that the economy is in bad
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shape, or somewhat bad shape. 39% of them think that it's going to get worse. and what you see is that as gasoline prices which are up 6% this year also as food prices are up 6.5% for the year, what ends up happening is that as that takes up a very big chunk of people's wallets, they end up spending less money elsewhere on things like buying homes, buying clothing, buying electronics, buying cars. so, as soon as people pull back in these other areas, erica, all of a sudden you see a differentiation in terms of the job creation that we have going forward, because when people are buying these things there isn't a need for the things and there isn't a need for the jobs to create the things and sell them. >> it is all about cycle. rebecca jarvis joining us from the new jersey turnpike this morning. >> you look over her shoulder and you see $3.72 just for regular. and there are six straights including the district of columbia where it's already over $4 and it's going to continue to grow. the polls we were talking about with chip reid has more bad news
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for the president and for other government leaders in washington, as well. just a litany of bad numbers this morning. let's bring in cbs news political correspondent jan crawford who joins us from d.c. this morning. jan, good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> biggest takeaway from this poll here. there don't seem to be a lot of positives. >> no. there are none. and there is a clear message from this poll. people are just sick of washington, and of washington politicians. they're just fed up with everything. they're worried about where the country is going. think about some of these numbers that we see in this poll. 70% of americans say the country is on the wrong track. now that is up 20 points from when president obama took office. americans just think things are getting worse, not better. >> jan in terms of being on the wrong track, the 70% that you mention there, what seems to be the main cause of frustrations for americans? >> well i mean like you and rebecca were just talking about, it's the economy. that is what people are most worried about. in between those rising gas prices, high deficits unemployment, they just don't see things getting any better. but here's where the numbers i
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think, in this poll get really interesting. chip was talking about president obama's overall approval rating. well we asked voters specifically if they approved of how president obama was handling the economy. 57% said no. that's his highest disapproval rating on the economy since he took office. that is potentially a real problem for the president because as we know the economy is going to be a key issue in next year's presidential elections, and the majority of the people, and by the way those key independent voters just don't like how he's handling it. >> jan, another question yesterday nevada senator john ensign abruptly resigned. he's been under investigation the greater part of the last two years stemming from an affair with a top aide and some subsequent hush money payments. why the abrupt resignation now? >> well, it looks like the senate ethics committee, which was investigating those payments, was just closing in on him. last night we saw the democrat and republican who lead that committee say in a statement that his decision to resign was
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appropriate appropriate, that's what they called it. so his resignation stopped the committee's investigation. now the committee will probably still issue a public statement outlining what they found. although i have to say the way this unfolded suggests to me there's been some kind of plea deal between ensign and the ethics committee. but ensign of course still could face criminal charges. >> all right. cbs' jan crawford for us this morning in washington. jan, thank you. >> thanks. all right. >> other news. >> now in libya this morning, republican senator john mccain is meeting with rebel forces and calling them his heroes. meanwhile president obama has okayed the use of unmanned predator aircraft to attack ground targets there after nato air strikes failed to stop momento gadhafi's forces from attacking the city of misrata. on wednesday the brutal fighting killed two photo journalists, including tim hetherington. cbs news correspondent allen pizzey, one of the few journalists who has gotten in and out of misrata, joins us from benghazi this morning. allen, good morning.
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>> good morning, chris. well the biggest news here in benghazi, of course, the arrival of senator john mccain. that kind of vip trip is exactly what the transitional national council has been looking for as thigh seek recognition from someone that can be dealt with. now senator mccain told us today that what he really thinks should happen is that $30 billion in assets that are already frozen that belong to libya, should be released to the transitional national council so that they can get this part of the country working. we also asked him whether or not he thought the idea that predator drones would be armed was mission creep or an idea whose time has come? >> i hope the president will be effective, and it will hopefully prevent further humanitarian disaster taking place in misrata. >> now the people of misrata, of course will be very happy to see predator drones but the lines are so close together nato
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can't do very much. and as the battle just keeps going on casualties keep mounting up. in fact in the hospital where we were yesterday, they came in in the city street and that was considered a light day and before this could be done the more the people of misrata will be happy, chris. >> cbs' allen pizzey for us in benghazi, libya, this morning. allen, thank you. we want to get you now a look at some of the other stories we're following for you on this friday morning. jeff glor standing by at the news desk with a look at that. >> erica, good morning to you. good morning to everyone at home. as police in littleton, colorado, this morning try to figure out if explosives found in a mall have any connection to this week's anniversary of the columbine massacre a new photo of a person of interest has been released this morning. and rick sallinger, our denver affiliate, is in littleton this morning. rick, good morning to you. let me ask you, the joint terrorism task force is involved here fbi, atf, state and local police. have they narrowed in on a suspect yet? >> well they have what they call a person of interest jeff.
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the authorities are being very tight-lipped about this case. but, we have learned through sources close to the investigation that they have found that the propane tanks used in the bomb were purchased right here beside me at this target store. it's located just across the mall from where the bomb was placed. so what they're doing is looking at surveillance tapes, and talking to these target employees, trying to put an identity on this man. >> rick the latest photo they released clearly is an older male, not like the kids involved in columbine 12 years ago. have authorities said any more about whether they think the two incidents may be linked? >> well what they are saying jeff, is that there is no positive connection linking the two incidents, but they do have a number of similarities. the columbine shootings april 20th, 1999. 12 students and a teacher were shot to death. and it was exactly 12 years later that this bomb was found here in the shopping mall which
7:13 am
is located just about a mile away from the school. >> yeah, and rick let me ask you about that bomb and the potential similarities. there was one, obviously, as well in the columbine school cafeteria. are these bombs similar at all? >> yes, there are similarities jeff. both bombs at columbine and here at the shopping mall were made out of propane tanks that failed to explode. and also pipe bombs. and as we indicated, authorities are now testing them to see exactly how they were made up. >> all right rick sallinger of cbs 4 in denver. rick, thank you very much. there's word this morning of a new kind of treatment for the flu. and it might be a breakthrough. researchers say. the medication is inhaled, not injected, and was developed at the university of texas. mice were given potentially lethal doses of the influenza virus and all survived. the treatment boosts the immune system and unlike current vaccines it appears to fight all flu strains. the new treatment has not been tested on humans yet but researchers say it holds, quote
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great potential. the flu kills up to half a million people worldwide every year. in japan, the president of tepco, the company that tones the crippled nuclear power plant, visited and evacuation center this morning for the first time. he bowed and he apologized for the disaster. tepco has been accused of ignoring warnings about earthquakes and tsunamis and reacting too slowly to damage. toyota announced this morning that because of japan's earthquake, it cannot resume full production of vehicles before november or december. toyota has a major shortage of parts that are made in northeast japan. meantime, nissan says they're checking all of its new vehicles for radiation to make sure those vehicles are not contaminated. some of those parts also came from northeast japan. one week from today, arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is scheduled to watch her husband mark kelly's launch aboard the "endeavour" space shuttle. giffords is recovering of course, after being shot in the head in january. kelly talked to katie couric about what his wife wants in the future.
7:15 am
>> one thing she frequently comes back to is you know, going back to work going back to her office. and you know how important it is for her to serve her constituents. she talks about that all the time. going back to tucson. i mean she -- she wants to get back to tucson. she wants to get back to her district. she wants to get back to washington. >> you can see more of katie couric's interview with mark kelly monday on the "cbs evening news." and, by the way, katie will be here in our next half hour with a preview of the royal wedding as well. it is 15 minutes past the hour. and how wonderful would it be to see gabby giffords get back to work, right, guys? >> it would be great. i know a lot of people are pulling for her. going to be a big day next friday, as well. >> it is. we're keeping katie busy. >> the launch and the royal wedding. it's still on? >> as far as i know it's still on, yes. there's been some talk of jitters but i don't think they're that strong so we're good. marysol castro joining us with a look at our friday and weekend
7:16 am
weather in theory. >> in theory. good morning erica and chris. good morning, everyone at home. we're still talking about severe weather, and thunderstorms in the midwest. yesterday folks saw some hail a little bit of rain. today spreads further into the southern plains into the ohio river valley. greater threats of severe weather for today. we're looking at large hail 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts, and of course we cannot rule out the possibility of a tornado from oklahoma to indiana. how much rain? well, it could be as much as 5 inches in a 24-hour period. we're looking at that very narrow band from st. louis into portions of pennsylvania. and that's just the beginning. folks over there could see a lot more rain in 24 hours. from there we go to the southern plains. a completely different story. it continues to be very warm very air id. and the wind gusts are going to be anywhere from 25 to 30 miles per hour. there
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>> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. erica and chris, i'll have better news for your weekend forecast later on. >> thanks a lot, marysol. thank you. still ahead here on "the early show," an innocent man on death row. now he's free. now he's fighting for more than a million dollars denied him because of just two simple words. >> also ahead this morning, one week from now prince william and kate middleton will officially be husband and wife. katie couric is with us this morning to look ahead to the royal wedding. and our coverage here at cbs, including how kate middleton may be following in princess diana's
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builder. now is the time to feed and kill dandelions. use scotts turf builder plus 2. ♪ we're ready. just ahead, see all the people milling about in front of buckingham palace. london is teeming with people excited for the royal wedding. >> one week. the countdown is officially on. >> a lot of excitement here as well. we're going to get you the very latest this morning on the royal bride-to-be exactly one week before the including the fact that she may not say obey in her vows. >> shouldn't be surprised. prince william's mother diana didn't say it either. all the royal news and wedding preparations just ahead here on "the early show." >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. one look, and it's easy to see why his rings are worn
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it's not a bad day's start. it's a start to the week's end. more is coming this way, apparently. let's look at the radar. we have a clear scan from the morning commute. we're seeing shower activity marching your way. we'll have more coming. the forecast calling for a high of 50 and evening rain is likely. good morning, marty and everyone.
7:26 am
this train, is falling ten minutes behind. we have a disabled vehicle at pulaski at the beltway. also, northside inner lupe, that's slow there. 95 southbound, you'll run into congestion at whitemarsh to the beltway. we have an accident at west minutesser and stoneroad. we have a live look at liberty road. this is brought to you by home paramount pest control. call 188-8888 home for more. and the end of searching for four months. one of the people found dead at conowingo dam is phylicia barnes. andrea fujii is live on the story. >> reporter: don, the dental records helped identify one of the bodice as barns barn. there-- as phylicia barnes. she was last seen four months ago visiting her half sister. wednesday, her body was found
7:27 am
floating in the susquehanna. a man's body was also found. the police haven't identified him yet. he's a black male, 6'4" and 240 pounds. tests will be done on both bodies now. the city police are looking for a killer after a shooting at a downtown senior's complex. a man in his late 40s was killed on conway street. investigators are considering possible motives. they're looking for clues as to who did it. a pennsylvania woman has been sentenced. a judge gave amy mcbride 15 years in prison for robbing the m&t bank. the port of baltimore has set a record. the port's marine terminal handled more cargo's in the port's history.
7:28 am
stay with us, maryland's news station. up next, a preview of the royal wedding from katie
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♪ >> half past the hour as we welcome you back to "the early show." you may have heard, this kind of big event next week in london on this day. next friday. and in just a few minutes we're going to get you all the very latest news from london on the upcoming royal wedding. katie couric is also with us here in the studio. she is leading cbs' coverage live coverage of the royal wedding for us next friday. she's going to give us all the goods. >> katie's done a ton of reporting on princess diana over the years, as well. we're going to ask katie if she thinks kate middleton can make as big a mark on the public's imagination as princess diana did. we'll get to that in just a
7:31 am
couple of minutes. first jeff glor at the news desk with another look at the top headlines. >> chris, good morning to you once again. this morning president obama is flying back to washington after a west coast campaign swing. mr. obama was welcomed at a los angeles fund-raiser last night. but a new cbs news/"new york times" poll shows not everyone approves. just 46% of americans polled approve how he's handling this job. almost as many disapprove. that same poll shows much more disapproval of congress though. 75% of those polled disapprove of the job that congress is doing. arizona senator john mccain arrived in libya this morning, and is meeting with anti-gadhafi rebels. mccain made a surprise trip to benghazi, the rebel stronghold in eastern libya. he told cbs news that the opposition fighters need more help, and he said he does not see any sign of islamic extremism or al qaeda in the rebel national council. texas governor rick perry says people should pray for rain today through the weekend. as wildfires continue in his state.
7:32 am
meantime, a tornado crossed near abilene, texas overnight. no injuries or major damage reported there. >> >> we'll have a rainy day and thunderstorms tomorrow morning. we'll have tomorrow night, "48 hours" mystery features a fascinating and infuriating story. grave injustice. it's the saga of anthony graves who spent 18 years behind bars for a mass murder he didn't commit. now two words missing from his prison release papers are
7:33 am
costing him more than $1 million in compensation. here's a preview. >> this is definitely a life and death struggle. this is a man's life on the line. >> reporter: in this fire-gutted house firefighters found six bodies. >> whoever committed the crime was in a frenzy. there were 66 stab wounds. >> reporter: 66? 66. >> there's a lot of pressure to find this person or these people that have done this. >> they got their man, and that's the end of the story. they did not do their jobs. >> oh, my god, what happened here? >> manipulate witnesses, fabricating evidence. >> does this man get to live? >> well joining us now from houston, texas, is professor nicole casarez of the university of st. thomas. she and her journalism class were instrumental in the release of anthony graves. she joins us this morning. mr. casarez, good morning. >> hello.
7:34 am
>> this man served 18 years. now in your mind what was the one piece of evidence that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that mr. grafs had nothing to do with the commission of this crime? >> you know there were actually a number of things. the state evidence that supposedly convicted him really didn't stand up. once we took a look at it the quote/unquote evidence that convicted him was just really nothing. there was no case. but then on top of that anthony had alibi witnesses to show where he was at the time of the crime. so i would say probably he was with his girlfriend that night, and she swore that she was with him all night, that he never left. and i guess, you know she told me years later, why would i lie for a baby killer? i'm married. i have children of my own. and why would i continue to lie these many years later for someone who killed children? >> okay so you find all this
7:35 am
evidence. it looks on the surface as though he had nothing to do with this case. how, then, difficult was it to convince the d.a. to overturn this conviction? >> well, that was practically impossible. you know, over the years -- i worked on the case for about eight years. and there were different district attorneys. there were representatives from the attorney general's office and really, they didn't want to give us the time of day. it wasn't until the latest elected d.a. in the county hired a special prosecutor a woman by the name of kelly seeingler and she basically did what we did. and that was to really reeninvestigate the case. and look at it with objective eyes. and then she came to the same conclusion we did. >> all right. miss casarez, thank you very much. he's also owed $1.4 million. $80 for every year he was incarcerated but because two words, actually innocent don't appear on the paperwork, he can't get his money.
7:36 am
we'll find out much more about this on saturday night. thank you very much for joining us this morning. you can see the full story on "48 hours mystery" grave injustice tomorrow night at 10:00, 9:00 central, right here on cbs. well coming up next royal wedding preparations are reaching a fever pitch. we'll have the very latest from london. katie couric will look ahead to next week's coverage all right here on cbs. you're watching "the early show." and we're back right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ wake up ♪ ♪ it's a beautiful morning ♪ ♪ honey ♪ ♪ while the sun is still shining ♪ ♪ wake up ♪ ♪ would you like to go with me? ♪ ♪ honey ♪ ♪ take a run down to the beach ♪ ♪ oh, mama ♪ ♪ i wanna go surfing ♪ ♪ oh, mama ♪ ♪ i don't care about
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one week to go and as we prepare to head to london for the royal wedding, a brand-new poll finds nearly eight out of ten people in britain and nearly six out of ten americans are following at some of the hoopla surrounding the royal couple. we are happily among those folks. cbs news royal contributor victoria arbiter is outside buckingham palace this morning with the very latest wedding news. victoria, i would say the biggest headline this morning is about the vows and whether or not kate will use the word obey. good morning. >> good morning, erica. well, it's interesting. we've got a very modern couple but a very traditional wedding service ahead of us. according to the daily mirror newspaper, the -- kate has chosen to omit the word obey
7:40 am
from her vows, but when we asked clarence house to comment this morning they said that was spectacularly speculative. we'll have to wait and see. but if kate should choose to omit the word obey she'll be only the second royal bride in history to do so. the first being princess diana in 1981. >> spectacularly speculative sounds so british, i love it. also making some headlines this morning, harry is talking about what he won't be doing on the day of the wedding. >> well, harry has quite a reputation for being the party boy. he's definitely the life and soul of any shindig and you want to have him around. but he does appreciate the significance of his role as best man at william's side on the day. so he has side that he is not going to have anything to drink until after his best man speech at the dinner. but i'm sure he'll more than make up for it afterwards. >> make up for lost time. victoria, thanks. we're looking forward to seeing you and being with us next week. joining us now here in -- >> thank you. >> here now in the studio with us is "cbs evening news" anchor katie couric who leads our coverage of the royal wedding
7:41 am
next friday. >> good morning. >> are you excited about covering this? >> you know as i hear more and more, it's i mean the level of detail is a bit ludicrous. we learned yesterday that kate middleton purchased some underwear. >> yes. >> and i was really happy to hear that. can you imagine? >> sale price. >> she went to something that is sort of the british equivalent of j. crew to buy a number of her dresses, apparently for her honeymoon, it's called warehouse. it's just so funny that everything that they're doing seems to scrutinized and reported on. but having said that i am excited. i think it's so great to be able to cover a happy story. you know it's been such a tumultuous year when you look back on the news events so far. we start with gabby giffords on january 8th. and then egypt, japan, libya. so i think everybody's sort of excited to cover and hopefully watch something that's a little more joyful. >> yes exactly. >> there's a lot of interest too, of course because this is prince william and there was such a love for princess diana in this country. a lot of people trying to make the comparison between princess
7:42 am
diana and kate middleton. you covered diana for a long time. but you also, you know had some encounters where you were actually right there next to her. >> well, i think we all know what a -- what a tortured life in many ways diana led. and how sad she was. i actually sat two seats away from her at a luncheon in chicago when she was here doing some charity work and i remember saying to her, you must be excited about going home because this must be exhausting, all the people you have to meet and greet and be gracious to and she said yes, i am excited. but i'm going home to an empty house. and i thought, oh, that's so sad. i suggested that she invite some girlfriends over for a sleepover and she looked at me like i had two heads. but that's okay i guess. but you know, i mean i think there was a certain sadness about her. and i don't think she was prepared, at all, to deal with the pressures and the attention that came with her job, and her life. and i think kate middleton seems so much more grounded. first of all, she's ten years older than diana was. diana had just turned 20 when she got married. and, you know, it was so
7:43 am
difficult for her. i think the level of scrutiny she got, and then of course the marriage itself was so fraught with problems. you know there are three people in this marriage. and i think -- you really do get the impression that kate has, you know, there was such a long period of time when they dated that she's been able to acclimate herself. and i think one of the reasons that he didn't propose earlier, not that i know or have any inside information, as people called her waity katie is i think, you know, it's a hard thing to step into. and i feel for her. i mean to at such the center of attention >> yes. >> but she really does seem like a very together young woman. doesn't she? >> she does. and there was a lot of talk too, that william was so concerned about that because of what happened to his mother. >> exactly. >> that he really loved this girl and didn't want anything to happen to her. >> i think she seems absolutely terrific. she seems like the kind of girl that we'd want to be friends with. i know that sounds really weird. she seems normal. she seems smart. she seems grounded. and you feel like she's going to do everything she possibly can to stay that way.
7:44 am
>> and that really is part of her appeal that you feel like she's sort of quote/unquote normal. >> yeah. >> you kind of made a joke about the fashion and her shopping at the equivalent of j. crew. >> like in top shop and h&m. hasn't she bought clothing there? >> she has. at sort of all of these places that more normal people would shop at. but she does seem to be having quite an impact on fashion in general. >> i think she's sort of taking a page out of michelle obama's book. and i think it's also kind of an effort to be more responsible. you know these are hard times all over the world economically. and i think the fact that she's sort of also mixes up high fashion with things i think she wore a suit recently that she'd had in her closet for years. which you've got to love. she doesn't seem to be a slave to fashion. she's so beautiful and she always looks so elegant. i like her style because she sort of exudes class. in the right way, without sort of being a snob about it. >> yes. which is nice. >> yeah. >> and she covers up which is nice. other than that heinous-looking see thru thing -- >> that didn't do it for you?
7:45 am
>> other than that i feel like she wears sort of very you know appropriate, tasteful -- thank you, good word tasteful clothes. >> when it comes to next friday. you'll be -- >> oh, by the way, this time next friday they'll be married. >> they'll be married. >> and apparently the royal kiss is going to come in about 40 minutes, next friday at 8:20 they'll be going out on the balcony in the middle of the luncheon that they're having for them at buckingham palace. i guess our invitations were lost in the mail. >> maybe if we knock on the door of the palace. you'll be at westminster abbey at 4:00 a.m. >> yes. you'll be at buckingham palace. >> i heard they're going to ring the bells for three hours straight. do you have special ear plugs? >> no but i bought a lot of advil. i'll be like erica is at buckingham palace. i guess it's nice that they're doing that. but it's going to be a little annoying by, you know by the time 2 hours and 15 minutes pass, don't you think? >> put it that way. it's great. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> i'm looking forward to working with you. >> i am, too.
7:46 am
>> what are you wearing? >> i don't -- it's like kate middleton, i don't want everybody to know. >> okay. >> we'll do the big reveal next friday. thanks, katie. >> i'll be seeing you in london. >> looking forward to tonight on the "cbs evening news." and cbs news will be bringing you the royal wedding next friday, right here live from london. things kick off at 4:00 a.m. eastern time. katie will have complete coverage of the "cbs evening news" that evening as well followed by a prime-time special "the royal wedding: modern majesty." all wedding, all the time. that is at 8:00 p.m. next friday, 7:00 central right here on cbs. there's more "early" show to come on this friday morning. stay with us. we'll be right back.
7:47 am
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when we come back we're going to talk about discounts for seniors. actually it pays to be over 65. there are some great deals out there, you just have to know where to find them. and we're going to help you with that.
7:54 am
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well, traffic is light this morning. we have a few minor problems. we have the railroad gauge down
7:56 am
blocking all lanes on business park drive between greens spring and ails berry drive. white marsh to the beltway, that's sluggish. the beltway itself, the northside is slow to providence road. other accidents are showing green mount and 30th street. there's 95 south of 100. that's an easy drive. that's looking easy on liberty road as well. this is brought to you by home paramount pest control. call for more information. donning back to you. >> >> in the news, the search for phylicia barnes has come to an end. her body was pulmod from the -- pulled from the susquehanna wednesday. >> reporter: don, dental records helped the police identify one of the two bodies found as phylicia barnes. she was last seen four months
7:57 am
ago in northwest baltimore. the police have been looking for her ever since. she was found wednesday in the susquehanna. a man's body has been found and the police haven't identified him yet. he's a black male, 6'4" and 240 pounds. don, back to you. final preparations are being made to say good-bye to william donald schaefer. the members of the national guard are practicing carrying his casket. wjz will have live coverage wednesday morning. and stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. up next, what room in your house has the most rooms in it? the answer coming up may surprise you. and medical errors inside hospitals.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back to "the early show" on a beautiful friday morning here. hope it is shaping up that way for you, wherever you're joining us from this morning. i'm erica hill along with chris wragge. a nice start to the week. >> it is a good friday. >> hopefully in some areas. and others maybe a little something better will be coming through. just ahead this morning we're going to take a look at some really stunning numbers and disturbing as well. some experts estimate 200,000 people die in u.s. hospitals every year from mistakes. these are mistakes that could be prevented. just ahead, you'll hear the heartbreaking story of one couple who lost their only child to a careless error and we're
8:01 am
going to do our very best to help make sure you and your loved ones know how to stay safe. >> also coming up, how to save serious money on everything from travel to banking to even car insurance. the only catch, you have to be a senior citizen. although some of these discounts are available to people as young as 50. so, i've got something to look forward to only a few short years away. >> right around the corner for you. >> we're going to reveal some big discounts that you probably haven't heard of yet. there are some really great deals to be had. >> i love this. i get my love of a bargain from cheryl. just ahead, the latest headlines at this hour jeff glor is standing by at the news desk with that for us. good morning again. >> big fan of cheryl. >> cheryl is great. >> she is great. she loves you, too. >> good morning, guys. good morning to everyone at home. this morning a new cbs news/"new york times" poll shows americans are growing more and more pessimistic about the economy. 80% of those polled said the economy's condition is bad. just 19% said it's good. 39% said it's getting worse. just 23% say it's getting
8:02 am
better. one reason for the glum mood is high gas prices. president obama has ordered a task force to investigate now whether oil traders and speculators are manipulating gas prices too much. >> we're going to make sure that nobody's taking advantage of americans. >> the cbs news/"new york times" poll shows slippage in mr. obama's job approval rating. he got a warm welcome at a los angeles fund-raiser last night. however, just 46% of americans polled now approve of how he's handling this job. 45% disapprove. the poll shows much more disapproval of congress. three quarters of those polled 75%, disapprove of the job congress is doing. just 16% approve. senator john ensign of nevada is expected to officially hand in his resignation letter today. ensign, seen on the left here in this video, is under
8:03 am
investigation by the senate ethics committee. he admitted to having an extramarital affair from his former aide. ensign is under investigation for helping her husband, seen on the far right, get a lobbying job. ensign insists he did nothing wrong. senator john mccain of arizona is on a surprise visit with rebels in benghazi, libya this morning. from libya he told cbs news that the opposition fighters need to get some of the libyan money frozen by sanctions. >> i don't think it is either wise nor necessary to put american boots on the ground. but i do believe that the air campaign needs u.s. assets. we love our allies but the fact is they do not have the capabilities that we do. >> mccain said the rebels in libya are his heroes. meanwhile the u.s. military has added a new element to its air campaign in libya. predator drones. missiles fired by the drones are accurate enough to provide air cover for rebel ground forces even in house-to-house fighting. concerns about the privacy
8:04 am
of smartphone users is growing this morning. "the wall street journal" is reporting that google also collects data on locations of its users on its popular android phones. this after it was found that apple does the same thing with iphone and ipads. both companies declined to comment. today is good friday. the day most solemn on the christian calendar so in jerusalem the faithful gathered in the church of the holy sepulchre, revered as the site of the resurrection of christ. it is 8:04 on this good friday morning. back over to chris and erica. guys? >> jeff, thank you. >> thank you. >> shape up to be a nice holiday weekend. >> we hope so. marysol castro here with another check of the weather. could be a little bit of a mixed bag depending on the part of the country you're in. we'll talk about the good parts. >> of course of course. good morning to you. good morning, everyone at home. we want to start off with high temperatures. some are actually very balmy. brownsville is 93. los angeles is 69. 71 in kansas city. new york we'll be 53 just a
8:05 am
little bit below normal. as we take a look at the national picture you can see we're still dealing with precipitation in the form of snow in the northern rockyiesrockies. but take a look at the west coast, it is very clear for today and only for today. the big problem, of course is the severe weather that spans all the were a from texas into portions of new england, and with that severe weather, some rain. but good news for some of you because it's earth day, and this is the 42nd year we're observing it. it's devoted to environmental awareness. here's an idea for you folks in the med atlantic where it will be raining for much of the day. you can save water by putting out a rain barrel and after just a few spring showers you'll have gallons of free rain water to all right, good morning, let's take a look at the forecast today. we'll look at the first warning doppler. temperatures in the mid-40s. we're going far high of 50 degrees. let's go to first warning. know that down to the south west, we're starting to see a
8:06 am
little bit of rain entering the scan. backing this out, there's a lot more rain out there. the forecast tonight will keep the rain in the out look. slow clearing tomorrow. >> this supersized weather report sponsored by the home depot. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. >> thanks so much that's your latest weather. now here's erica. >> marysol, thanks. just ahead an epidemic that kills hundreds of,000 sands of americans each year. preventable medical mistakes in hospitals. we'll help you make sure it doesn't happen to you and your family. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. le announcer ] look outside. it's grow time. so let's plant some perennials that'll turn up every year. trees and shrubs to give us depth. and fill it out with flowers placed in just the perfect place. let's spend less but plant more. what do you say we plant a weekend, water it and watch a summer spring up? more saving. more doing. that's the power
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8:09 am [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii. in this morning's "healthwatch," medical mistakes. this month the government announced a new initiative to prevent hospital errors that are blamed for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year and cost american taxpayers billions of
8:10 am
dollars. cbs news correspondent cynthia bowers reports on one family's tragedy. >> reporter: from the time they met and married, fritzie and cameron burkett dreamed of having a house full of children. but after suffering through two miscarriages, that dream appeared less and less likely. >> when i got the second miscarriage, it was discouraging. but like i just believe and have faith that when it was god's timing, it would happen. >> reporter: on september 6th, 2010, their son genesis was born at lutheran hospital in chicago, three months premature. >> i was overjoyed. and it was our first child. i was like wow, it's like amazing that we created that child together. >> reporter: but while in the neonatal icu, fatal mistakes were made. during a routine procedure, genesis was given 60 times the normal dose of sodium in his iv bag. blood tests that day revealed he
8:11 am
had extremely high levels of sodium in his body. and despite doctors' orders to have him checked, nothing was done for more than eight hours. six weeks after his birth, genesis burkett went into cardiac arrest from an overdose and died. unfortunately, these nightmare scenarios are playing out in hospitals across the country. by some estimates, 200,000 patients die each year from preventable medical errors. and countless more are injured. >> as many as one in seven, maybe in one in three, of every hospital admission patients are injured by the care that's supposed to help them. >> reporter: now the burketts have filed suit against the hospital. claiming they were negligent in their son's care and that he died due to a preventable human error. >> a simple mistake could have been picked up several times along the way. by a pharmacist. then by a doctor. and they were not. and as a result a little baby
8:12 am
that was well on his way to recovery, died. >> our organization takes full accountability for the tragedy leading to the death of the baby. and has been transparent and disclosed everything we know about it in a commitment to improve care. >> we would measure him. >> reporter: the burketts hope publicizing their pain can draw awareness to the deadly dangers that are hiding in a place of healing. >> you work towards making those dreams happen and then like kind of like a nightmare comes in a second and takes away everything. >> oh, that's just heartbreaking. joining us now medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton. it's heartbreaking and the scariest part is this is frighteningly common. this actually even happened in your family. >> right. >> how do we prevent these mistakes? >> sometimes there's just not much that a patient and their family could do. in this particular case in the piece we just heard about in a neonatal icu we're talking about often very premature babies very small very fragile, very
8:13 am
sick newborns. errors in that setting are eight times more likely to occur than they are to occur in adult settings. again, some of them may be equipment or mechanical errors. some of them as it was in this case, might be human errors. strategies are being put in place, as we've heard, to try and reduce or minimize that. but, you know, you just have to hope for the best and be active and involved when someone in your family is in that setting. >> so that's one of the most important things you can do. >> right. >> you have to do what you can on your end. before i even set foot in the hospital, if possible, what do i need to be thinking about? what should i do? >> you want to do your research first of all. you want to find out about the hospital. you want to talk to your doctor if possible. if it's an elective or scheduled situation. and ask as many questions as possible. and if you're talking about being admitted to a hospital it's always a good idea to bring a friend or relative with you and have someone there at all times who's not as emotionally vested in what's going on but can really pay attention, can hear what's being said to you as
8:14 am
it's being explained, and be able to repeat that back to you if necessary. >> and once you are in the hospital there are important questions you should ask. or bring someone who will ask those questions. >> exactly. the key here is to be active to be involved to be an advocate. a lot of people are embarrassed or ashamed and they don't want to speak up, don't want to cause trouble. that's actually the opposite of what a patient or their family should do. so there are a couple of key tips. number one you always want to check that anyone touching you or your relative has clean hands. doctors and nurses should actually wash their hands or use hand sanitizers in front of you before coming to the patient's bedside. you want to confirm the procedure. ask why it's being done. what body part is being tested. ask as many questions about that procedure as possible. you want to review all allergies, all medications, repeatedly. you cannot overemphasize that type of information. and lastly, it's always a good idea to ask for written information. i write down all specific drugs, tests, procedures the names, and the doses on a piece of
8:15 am
paper and give it to my patients because, again, this is common information and language for me. not so common for the patients. >> and that can be important, too, when you head home. things like a written instruction because you want to make sure that you also continue that care when you leave. >> absolutely. follow-up is critical. a lot of mistakes actually occur after you leave the hospital or a doctor's office. if someone says we'll let you know if the results are abnormal. not sufficient. you want to follow up make sure you get the copy of that result and the test results. if possible, in printed form. >> some great information this morning. jen, thanks. >> you bet. >> just ahead, the best senior citizen discounts. everything from hardware to hotel rooms, airlines to banks. and you don't always have to be 65 or older. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by subway. try the steak, egg and cheese, and experience bold breakfast flavor. ale announcer ] start the day off right with a protein-packed breakfast like the sunrise subway melt. try it with juicy tomatoes for a breakfast that stands out from the pack. subway, the official training restaurant of
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my husband is downloading his "fantasy league" photos downstairs. we're exposed to web viruses that could annihilate our savings. that will not happen. i switched to kaspersky. kaspersky, the most advanced internet security software. welcome back to "the early show" here on cbs.
8:18 am
we know it's tough getting older so this morning it's time to make young people jealous. seniors get lots of discounts that can save big money and aol consumer adviser regina lewis is here with some of the best deals that exist out there. >> hi, chris. >> let's define senior first of all. >> we're talking about 50 to 65 is the starting range for a lot of these deals. younger than people think. the notion of senior discounts actually stems from respect for our elders and the fact that it's good business. they have a lot of discretionary income. we don't want to make young people jealous you can get in on this because if you're start of the extended family start thinking the eldest person in your family might have the most buying power. >> so it's good to respect those elders like you mentioned. >> yeah. >> some deals are for 50 and over but a lot of them are for 65 and over. let's start with travel because you've got some time on your hand, you're nearing retirement there are a lot of great deals out there for you. let's start with that. let's start with basically airfare. get some airlines. >> airlines. this kicks in at a later age, usually 65. the tricky thing about booking
8:19 am
through the airlines is that you won't see the senior discounts on their website. which is how a lot of people book travel these days. so you do have to call. what you want to do is check the websites first so you get the lowest price so when you call for the senior discount you're comparing it with whatever specials are out there so you know you're really getting the lowest price. >> also, the applies to bus travel, train travel. >> yeah, that's more straightforward. on amtrak it's 15% discount. greyhound has a discount as well. as well as trailways which is charter buses, and that starts at age 50. >> like you said you have to kind of call each carrier to see if different discounts apply for different ages but also the different carriers you can get from 5 to 15 to sometimes 30% off. >> 5% on an airline ticket is legit. >> when it comes to renting a car. the insurance aspect is somewhere where if you've got your aarp card. >> yeah, that can be helpful there. it can be helpful without renting a car for your own car. if you are a mature driver this won't kick in automatically but in your 50s you can take the mature driving test and aarp has
8:20 am
a link to all of the places where it's offered by zip code and you'll save 10% on your insurance. god willing you're driving another 20, 30 years that really adds up. >> so we've basically furnished some discounts for you to get there. now we've got to talk about some destinations spots where people can go. >> sure. when it comes to hotels here's how it usually works if you have an aarp card -- i'm sorry, let's talk about these places. the national park service. this could be the best deal yet. you get a lifetime pass for $10 and you could have a whole carful of people and you get them in. you really want grandpa to be driving. that compares to $80 per year. so big big discount. then $3 off at places like sea world or busch gardens. >> and dozens of great national parks out there. some great destinations. now let's get to those hotels. once you've picked out a destination you have to stay somewhere. it's always nice to save a dollar or two. >> i mention the aarp card. what that does is get you a discount to kick in at age 50. the aarp membership is $16 a year. so it pays for itself pretty quickly. if not, it kicks in at 62 with or without the card. and that means 10% to 30% off at
8:21 am
all of these big names. >> quality inn, 20% to 30%, motel 6 up to 40% off. holiday inn up to 30% off. before you do travel you do need to save some money and there's some great banking deals out there. >> banking because they're recurring fees. so if you can say to your bank wachovia, which is now part of wells fargo and bank of america also has a program, look what can you do for me i'm a senior. and it's free check renewals or free online bill payment, all of those little costs but because they're recurring hopefully over several more generations it really adds up. >> the one thing we do i guess, we implore to everyone is to do your research. not only with travel not only with hotels, but if you do do some great research you can find some great surprises, deals out there from different places even down to movie tickets. >> yes. >> they cost so much these days but if you go at the right time or the right place. >> amc, 30% for seniors, 60% off on tuesdays.
8:22 am
a place like hall mark has a discount on a certain day of the week. but it varies by store so you have to ask your local hall mark which day can i best shop. >> and other places at&t kmart, rite aid, banana republic ross stores, the salvation army. there are so many options out there. so much money that can be saved. you just have to know where to look. >> and we're going to have links to all of these places and the specific deals on the cbs website. >> thank you for doing my job for me. for more senior discounts, go to our website, all those discounts are there. go out there and save some money. still ahead on "the early show," saving the earth and a little money, too, as well. the new eco-friendly products for earth day and every day. your local news is next.
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8:25 am
kristy breslin is here the wrap up the rush after the first warning weather. let's look at the first warning doppler weather radar. note that the clouds will increase and showers are moving our way. the day is going to change. that's for sure. the forecast calls for a high temperature of around 50 degrees. this is going to be wet. occasionally wet through tonight. tomorrow, we'll clear it out with a nice afternoon. breezy and warm and a high of 70. now, over to kristy breslin. hi, marty, hi, everyone. well, we have delays out there,
8:26 am
95 southbound, that's from whitemarsh to the bellway on the north east corner. northside, there's slowing from harford to providence road. in tim williams, we have a situation there. railroad is blocking all lanes. that's between greenspring and hails berry road. green mount and 30th street, we have police activity on north utah. there's a live look at liberty road. this is brought to you by miller brother's cadillac. you'll find the cars with the best of the gas mileage and the best prices guaranteed. got it, thank you. after months of searching, the missing north carolina teen, phylicia barnes' body is uncovered. >> dental records helped the
8:27 am
police identify phylicia barnes. she was last seen four months ago in baltimore. the police have been searching for her ever since. her naked body was found wednesday. the police haven't identify the man found with her. thank you. a sykesville man is behind bars after being convicted of killing his girlfriend's baby's daughter. she die of internal injuries caused by blunt force trauma. and an alarming trend in baltimore city. according to our media partner, robberies of businesses are up 55% this year. the police launched a website to help business owners and
8:28 am
s.w.a.t. team members are making the runs. stay with wjz-13, up next, [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn with the fertilizer that gives you the most for your money. scotts turf builder.
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bottom of the hour. friday morning. it's good friday. the flowers in bloom here in new york. welcome back bottom of the hour as i said. chris wragge along with erica hill, marysol castro jeff glor. everybody getting ready for the weekend. >> yes. >> underdog. >> wow. >> jeff glor. >> look out ryan seacrest. jeff glor, right here. >> just ahead, costco big bucks, you know they literally sell everything, from a hunk of
8:31 am
cheese that could feed a small nation, they sell caskets in some cases, diamonds. and to go with those diamonds wedding dresses. >> hmm. >> they now sell wedding dresses. and you may have noticed if you or someone you know is getting married, that it seems like wedding dresses are available almost everywhere these days and so much more reasonable than they used to be. so we're going to take a look at some of the stores that have the best bargains on wedding dresses. there's another big wedding in like a week, so it's perfect. >> i don't know which one she's talking about. >> she's giddy with excitement. also ahead we celebrate earth day. marysol is going to take us to a school full of kids who think about the planet every day and goes a long way, past just recycling. we're going to hear what they have to say about green living and just how important it is in their lives. >> those kids are -- they're doing a lot in that school. >> inspiration for the rest of us. >> tell me about it. >> let's get to the weather first. your final check as you head off through the weekend for your friday. here's your fly by from the east coast to the west coast. 59 in richmond but some rain.
8:32 am
86 in memphis, folks there still dealing with some severe weather. 62 in denver but clear. 58 in reno. as for your weekend forecast, unfortunately a lot of you are still going to see severe storms. in the same exact area as today. that will be for tomorrow into sunday. the west coast, the pacific northwest specifically picks up some more what we're seeing is rain slowly but surely. it's very pretty. giving it a few hours, that will change. we're in the 40s, going for a high of 50s. the temperatures are steady throughout the cay and tonight. the normal is 67 degrees. rain today, occasional rain and drizzle, 43. there's a warm front pressing up over the area. breezy, nice and 70 tomorrow aftern thank you so much. that is your latest weather. chris? >> nice job. don't you go anywhere.
8:33 am
>> i'm not going to. >> on this date in 1970, 20 million people across america started to pick up clean up and speak out about the state of our environment. and here on cbs walter cronkite anchors the first-ever prime-time special for earth day. >> a day set aside for a nationwide outpouring of mankind seeking its own survival. earth day. a day dedicated to enlisting all the citizens of a bountiful country, in a common cause of saving life from the deadly by-products of that founding. the filthy waters the littered earth. >> and marysol is here now with more on earth day 2011 style. >> tough to follow the most trusted man in america but i will try. so the movement began predominantly at colleges and universities, and 41 years later, young people are still at the forefront of the movement. i spent a day in ridgewood, new jersey, talking to students from kindergarten to fifth grade about some of their impressive efforts to help the environment.
8:34 am
from the students in ridgewood new jersey it's just another day at school. what's on the minds of these young, impressionable students may surprise you. >> i'm worried about sometimes what will happen when i'm older. like what could be different about the planet. >> i think the earth would be really polluted and there would be like garbage everywhere. >> there might not be a lot of trees. left. and i like to climb trees. >> such concerns are why these students are learning more than just how to sort paper from plastic. teachers encourage them to make healthy decisions on everything from exercise to diet. and they try to make it fun. on this day, each grade wears a specific color, and brings in a snack to represent it. what did you bring for lunch? >> i brought carrots and cantaloupe. >> not bad. definitely orange. >> they also have an extensive recycling program. from collection bins in classrooms tocom posting. >> after six months, it breaks down.
8:35 am
and then it turns into disweird soil, but it's actually really good stuff for plants. >> really? >> yeah. >> and worms. and their poop is the oil. >> their poop is the soil? >> it's awesome. >> and through their partnership with the company teracycle, things like bottle cups and plastic bags are given new lives as shower curtains and back packs. these are all juice patches. and this is old toothpaste. >> so you're really doing your part here, saving the earth. one juice box at a time? >> yeah. >> reporter: in the last three years, willard elementary has cut its waste by some 1,000 pounds. >> so we're going to take our recycling out now, guys. >> reporter: but nationally only eight states currently mandate school recycling. >> i think you should do it
8:36 am
every day because you should do it every day, not just one day. >> reporter: what do you do to take care of the planet? >> i will try to tell people not to like, though plastic stuff away. >> i'll always like try to plant like one or two trees. or like a couple flowers or something. >> reporter: 41 years after earth day began, saving the environment is no longer a new way of thinking. it's a way of life and these students will set the standard for generations to come. >> compost. >> and of course we also want to mention the teachers who are at willard elementary who play just as an integral role with those students helping them save the planets, as i said one drink box at a -- at a time. chris? >> compost is our new rallying cry. marysol, thank you very much. just in time for earth day we've got some of the hottest new products that are affordable, useful and good for the planet. emilie cowan for opportunity green and the website ecofabulous is here to tell us
8:37 am
how well they work. great to see you. >> thanks so much for having me. >> so much has changed with the way they're manufactured the way they're produced. >> absolutely. which is incredibly exciting time in the world of consumer products. we're seeing top manufacturers and the best designers getting together to produce sustainable and healthy products that are affordable and stylish and high quality. >> everybody's on board. let's start with some cleaning items because everybody needs these things around the home. >> this is one of my favorite products. it's called replenish. and it's a huge innovation in the way that we interact with our products. it's cradle to cradle certified which means it's nontoxic and biodegradable, and you purchase the reusable bottle and you insert a reusable bottle and repeat that because it's something that we're not used to hearing and it comes with replaceable cartridges. and each cartridge makes four bottles of cleaner. this sin credible. which means you cut down on such a huge amount of wasted plastic and water, and it's also 50% in savings over traditional cleaners.
8:38 am
>> everybody loves to save. >> exactly. the bottle is $8 and this is $4. it's such a great deal and they're very effective. and they're beautiful. i carry it around. >> they're pretty good looking. >> laundry right now. we pour it into the big cups and dump it in. i'm a huge offender of that. this makes it a little easier for you. >> it absolutely does. this is one of the favorite products. this makes 50 loads of laundry. >> 50 in this little thing? >> it does. that's the same as what you're used to seeing in those huge containers. and it's just four pumps. this is also cradle to cradle certified, nontoxic plant based. for me personally i don't have to carry around those huge jugs of cleaners. >> it does help at the market. >> light bulbs. we've been talking about light bulbs a lot. what about these? >> this is definitely the "it" bulb. this is a pharox bulb. it's $25 and lasts you 25 years. it's a dollar a year. and you see the light, it's warm, it's bright.
8:39 am
it's about the equivalent of a 40 to 60 watt light bulb. it's l.e.d. no mercury. no lead. it doesn't get hot. so really fave for the home. >> and you don't even need a shade. this is one of those items you go on a camping trip you need to charge. >> exactly. this is great for camping season. and you know it's also really great to have on hand in case of an emergency. this is a solar panel. you charge it outside, in daylight. and it connects to this very well-designed retro lamp. >> yes. >> and it also has a usb charger to charge mobile devices. it provides about 8 to 45 hours of light. which is really incredible. the technology is here. it's kind of hard to believe. >> i wanted to get to the underwear real quickly. we do have reusable underwear. >> it's not reusable. >> you can go to our website for that. and water bottles here. everybody needs a water bottle. get a good one that's good for the environment. >> also great for camping season. it has its own filter. >> and like i said, you want to
8:40 am
learn about the underwear go to our website. these products, it's all there. and something you definitely do need to read up on. emilie, thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> now here's erica. >> reusable underwear. you'll want to use that laundry detergent. most modern brides don't have a budget like kate middleton's. but it doesn't take a princely sum to look your best on your wedding day. "early" show style contributor katrina szish has been looking into the low-cost trend in bridal wear. what a welcome trend because these dresses are just outrageous. >> they can be incredibly expensive. you can buy the bridal gown of your dreams without breaking the bank. we found several options that will make any bride blush. take a look. ♪ going to the chapel ♪ >> reporter: it's the number one obsession of every bride. finding the perfect dress for her big day. >> is this it guys? >> i love it. >> there is the dream of what you're going to wear the day of your wedding. and they do feel this pressure to find the dress.
8:41 am
>> reporter: and with more and more brides paying for their own nuptials several mass market retailers have expanded their bridal lines. giving women the opportunity to say yes to the dress, but for less. >> whether it's white by vera wang collection for david's bridal for $1,000. or j. crew this dress is $995 would be perfect for a destination wedding. and this dress is from beholden which is a line of anthropologie and it costs $600. it has a vintage kind of retro feel. >> reporter: the latest couture contender big bucks retailer costco. >> wedding dresses at costco? we were a little surprised. >> reporter: but for veteran dress designer kirstie kelly, partnering with costco feels like a marriage made in heaven. >> i was so happy, because within this collection we've been able to incorporate a lot of beautiful details. we have swarovski crystals so
8:42 am
while the cost is low, the quality in which you're receiving is very high. >> reporter: her costco collection features six sophisticated styles ranging from $650 to $1,400. >> i usually go to costco for toilet paper, not for a wedding gown, so i was excited about that. >> reporter: she is shopping for the first time. she puts on a romantic doupioni draped dress. >> it's so pretty on you. >> reporter: it's lupe's lucky day. >> oh, it's beautiful. >> reporter: she falls in love with the first dress she tries on. each year filen's basement hosts several wedding dress sample sales across the country. their famous running of the brides. >> i actually have a strategy. >> reporter: megan is first in line at the sale in chicago. she's shopped here the past four yearses aa bridesmaid. now she's the bride. >> instead of banking left we're going to bank right. >> reporter: megan needs all the
8:43 am
help she can get and asks me to be an honorary team member. team blondie, i love it. i kind of have my running shoes on. i can also use them as a weapon. with 1700 gowns up for grabs at 70% to 95% off this is an event brides can't afford to miss. after waiting in line for nearly 24 hours it's show time. on the floor, the wedding dress war intensifies. >> elbows! ♪ >> team blondie. team blondie. >> reporter: as the team gathers dozens of dresses, megan's finally finds her favorite. >> oh. >> i think you found it. >> i think i did. >> reporter: and takes a spin, savoring her sweet success.
8:44 am
>> did i hear her say $299? >> $299. it was originally $1800. >> wow. i tried that running of the brides. i didn't have that kind of luck. but it really can work. you can get a dress for $300. what's nice is that there are all these affordable dresses now. you have a few for us here. a lot of these, when you buy a dress and you order, you can't return it. these a lot of them are available online and you could actually, if it doesn't fit. >> these dresses are all from unexpected stores. stores you would actually find at the mall. and these dresses are available only online as you mentioned, but they are returnable. so if they don't fit. if it's not quite what you have in mind, send it back return it. >> tell us where they're from. >> the first one here is from ann taylor. it is $550. >> wow. >> and it's a carolina silk gown, and it has beautiful kind of fitted sweetheart neck fitted bodice. the ruching is attractive for any figure. and again it's a sleek, simple
8:45 am
elegant gown. >> and boy, what a steal. >> $550. >> so much better especially when you're wearing it once. a beautiful lace gown. lace can be a little bit more pricey. >> this one i picture at a beach wedding. this is from the limited. which blew my mind. i couldn't believe it. it is $239. >> oh, my goodness. you could buy like two or three and just keep changing it up. >> exactly. i like it. lastly you have this one. i love this bow detailing. >> i love the asymmetrical details here. this is from white house black market vow collection that launched just last year. this dress is $348. >> oh, my gosh. i'm in shock because they're just so much more palatable when i got married. and for a lot of folks planning for their own wedding. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> now here's chris. >> erica, if you thought you could save money over there, wait until you see how cheap you could basically redo your entire garage. it's supposed to be just for your car, but, a lot of us have so much other stuff in there
8:46 am
that cars barely fit in your garage. it's a good idea to put your garage on the spring cleaning list. matt blashaw host of "money hunters" on the diy network is back with some easy and inexpensive storage in organizing ideas. we have one guy in mind for this segment, matt. it was you. great to see you. how are you? >> i'm doing great. >> why is it the one thing everybody wants to avoid. it's like doing your taxes. nobody wants to do it. >> it's daunting. the amount of stuff that you add into it. i know when i was a kid we had so much stuff i didn't even want to go in the garage. my mom would make us do it once a year. the stuff we pulled out was incredible. >> i will say this when you do clean out your garage it is gratifying. i mean it's one of those great feelings, finally, i get the car back in, i know where everything is. one of the first steps is to just kind of eliminate all the clutter. get rid of stuff. then you've got to put up some shelves. that's probably first and foremost. >> shelves are key. all right? these shelves were 30 bucks. really easy to do. you can put these all on the outside of the garage. really, really simple. another thing to do get smart
8:47 am
about it. get some clear containers. you can see exactly what's in it. pillows, labels. you know exactly what's in it. also put heavy things on the bottom, light things on the top. and strap these in. because you never know when they're going to come falling out. make sure they're really strapped in nice. and if you're really ocd, which i like. grab a nice labelmaker this is like six bucks, and you can label everything. we got nice little easter baskets. garden car wash hopefully it will go back on the shelf where it belongs. >> and you just never know when you're going to hit reverse or hit forward. i don't know if a strap can help that. >> those things happen. >> everybody has more sports equipment than the hall of fame in a lot of their garages. you want to organize it in a nice, orderly fashion. >> this is a great thing to do with the basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, a nice little rack that you can make. can you do this on the cheap. >> how cheap? >> really cheap. >> and easy. >> $5 $6. i just got a plank of pine
8:48 am
pretty much and these dowels. you cut them down to six inches. you grab a drill, you put them in at a nice diagonal a little tight bond a little glue squeeze it into the hole there just like that. bada bing, bad today boom. >> so the balls don't go getting out of the garage. you can configure this however you want. >> nice fashion. >> i love what you've done here with the chicken wire. >> you like that? >> brought the farm element into america's garages which i like. >> you could go get a basket. but what fun is that? we don't do boring here on "the early show." chicken wire will do. >> you can get scraps of wood from around the house. grab chicken wire. grab this staple gun over here. just go in the straps. staple my hand. that's good. i told you i'm not very handy. >> i'll be a permanent part of your garage. slap one in there. >> works perfectly. >> almost. >> once that goes you can just
8:49 am
have a nice little place where you can through all of your balls in and you're not going to be spread out all over the garage where you're going to run into them. >> if you don't like the chicken wire you can go with the normal hamper. >> laundry sorter. this was only 15 bucks and you can put people's names on it. this is for rackets, skateboards, baseball bats whatever you want and has wheels so it's mobile. >> come this way. let's get to some of the tools here because i know everybody needs one of these. >> sure sure sure. we've got chemicals that are sitting around the house. you don't want anybody getting into those especially the young ones. the great thing to do. you want to put a lock on your cabinet. the lock $8 for the lock. this is a kitchen cart that i converted into the cabinet. and i put wheels on it which is really fantastic, and it has the workspace on top. >> but the key is to keep the doors locked. >> you want to make sure kids don't get into any of these items. boom we implore you to put that lock on. >> this i love.
8:50 am
you've got a garage you've got tools, why keep them in a tool box? put them on display. >> put them on a peg board. fantastic. and even with the peg board, grab a sharpie, all right. outline your tools so you know exactly where they're to go. make sure the peg board is against the wall. >> love what you've done. >> who has a lazy susan in their garage? this is for paint cans you can put nuts and bolts. this is a weekend project that you can do really really easy. >> this should be the only lazy element to your garage cleanup right there. >> hopefully. >> matt, thanks so much. great advice as always. you can find more garage cleaning and organizing tips on our website, that's it, folks, get out to those garages this weekend. perfect weekend for
8:51 am
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and get $100 back. call 1.866.569.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1.866.569.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. before we say good-bye on this easter weekend, a royal send-off for our royalty. our "early" show royalty. >> thanks, guys.
8:53 am
>> erica hill who is crossing the pond. >> heading out to london. all the good stuff starting monday morning lots of good disevery d
8:54 am
8:55 am
lots of clouds and a little bit of blue skies this morning. we're looking for these. to the west, we have clouds and rain. marty's in the first warning weather senter. >> we'll look at the first warning doppler weather radar. we're seeing a bit of rain starting to enter the region. we're going to widen this out. there's more than rain sitting to the south and west. that's the forecast for the day. calling for rain -- calling for rain. the rain will get in earlier than we thought. the fact of the matter is that the rain will settle with us overnight. tomorrow morning, thunderstorms and we'll have the leading edge
8:56 am
of an air mass. 70degrees is the high tomorrow. how about easter sunday? sundayny and 80. in the news, a search has come to an end. the medical examiner identifies one of the two bodies in the susquehanna as phylicia barnes. andrea fujii stays on the story. >> reporter: don, dental records helped the police identify one of the two bodies as phylicia barnes. she was last seen four months ago in northwest baltimore. she was visiting her half sister. the police have been looking for her ever since. wednesday, her naked body was found in the susquehanna. a man's body also was found. he was a black male and 140 pounds and 6'4." thank you, andrea. this morning, the police are
8:57 am
looking for a killer after a shooting inside of an elderly complex. a man in his late 40s was shot in the hanover complex in con -- conway street. william donald schaefer will make his final tour through his hometown monday. this is on russell street. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and clear channel put up the digital memorials. and on this earth day, even bwi is getting in on the action. the governor will be at the airport announcing the eight electric charging stations there. it's going to identify the 65 stations across the state by june. terrell suggs is going to
8:58 am
thecannes film festival. the film is called "when beautiful people do ugly things." he produced it and co-wrote it. it has nothing to
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